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”The connoisseur should value simple beauty. But ornament appeals to the masses“, Goethe once said.
And nobody knew better than Socrates, the philosopher of classical antiquity, that ”everything that is really beautiful is simple“.
With Dante, Robbe & Berking have reinterpreted this classic principle

Price list Robbe and Berking Dante 925 Sterling silver

Price list Robbe and Berking Dante 150g massive silver plated

Engravings - almost all Robbe and Berking items can be manufactured with engravings availabelguarantee Robbe and Berking service plates

Member of the
Braunschweig- Lüneburg-Stade
 Chamber of Handicrafts

Holger Brueggmann, silversmith
Registered master craftsman
Koltmannstraße 1 - D-21335 Lüneburg / Germany
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